Who we are

We run our own cat rescue & sanctuary here in our home in Tarleton. We have around 30 chickens ( ex battery ) 4 geese, 4 ducks, 2 dogs and currently have around 60 cats/kittens in our care. Some are abandoned, abused or just simply not wanted. We have brain damaged cats and some with bad behavioural problems. Some come here and never leave, like Martha who tragically lost her foot at a young age and of course her brother Marshall stayed to as they were inseparable,12 feral cats, Simba who, although un diagnosed has bi-polar, 2 elderly cats who’s owner sadly died and more recently Pixie, who is blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other. So some stay but we always get asked to take in more. We work aswell to pay for the rescue. We currently now have a waiting list for cats to come in, so we recently built a 200ft outside enclosure and fully enclosed our grounds to provide a safe and secure area for the sanctuary cats to explore and enjoy. We do not receive any Government or lottery funding and have to fund all this by ourselves. We cant do this without your very kind support.